Bringing awareness to the faith community concerning domestic violence

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Life Development Resource Center

Our Mission

Domestic Violence Services of the Life Development Resource Center is a Ministry of the New Life Baptist Church (Lacey, WA) which has partnered with an interfaith coalition of clergy, lay leaders, and domestic violence advocates dedicated to providing ways of bringing awareness to the Faith Community concerning Domestic Violence. 

Our program was formed in 2009 and while we initially traveled across the State of Washington providing onsite trainings, workshops and seminars, we have expanded our reach by implementing web-based trainings, workshops and seminars via webinars. This new way of providing the information to Faith Communities has proven to be a more effective means of reaching almost everyone in the State.  If you have a group of 10 persons (Clergy or Lay), please contact us and we will schedule a webinar for your Faith Community / Group.

Our Partners include the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy and several Domestic Violence Agencies within the State of Washington.
We also partner with community based domestic Violence advocates with locating faith-related support for victims.  We are a part of an interfaith coalition of clergy, lay leaders, parish nurses, domestic violence advocates, and public health professionals dedicated to providing compassionate services to individuals suffering from family violence.  Our program was formed in 2009 because we have seen the need for quality training to the religious community in the area of domestic violence.

Life Development Resource Center

Motivating faith communities to

Take action against

domestic violence

Visit our Training page for more information on domestic violence training, or download the Domestic Violence Sermon Kit  (PDF download) to use as a resource with your congregation or Bible Study group. 

If you or someone you know is seeking help from domestic abuse, please visit our
Resources page for assistance information.

Our mission is to assist faith communities in developing and implementing appropriate responses to Domestic Violence and to motivate faith communities to take action and speak out against Domestic Violence. We truly believe in providing domestic violence training to support the goal of building a safer community for all.